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Apr 13, 2014 05:51 PM

Selling greek yogurt at farmer's market.. would you buy a vegan option?

I am selling greek yogurt at a farmer's market from an organic dairy farm local to my area. I can also make a coconut milk based fresh yogurt option with the same probiotic benefits of cow's milk. I am just trying to determine if this is a product that would appeal to vegan/ vegetarians. This is a higher quality in terms of health benefits and quality of ingredients than the commercial options available.

My first question is: would you buy this?

My second question is, which toppings?

I'm going to limit it to about 10 toppings.. so please tell me which appeal to you most to help me narrow down! Everything is going to be as organic, local and natural as possible. Thanks so much for your help.

+ organic granola (nut and gluten free)
+ dark chocolate shavings
+ white chocolate shavings
+ blueberries
+ raspberries
+ strawberries
+ pineapple
+ grapes
+ kiwi
+ blood orange
+ grapefruit
+ mangoes
+ bananas
+ toasted coconut
+ plain coconut
+ blackberries
+ cherries
+ apples
+ fruit jam
+ fresh figs
+ chia seeds
+ flaxseed
+ almonds
+ pecan
+ cinnamon
+ organic oreo cookie crumbles
+ vegan chocolate chip cookie dough bites
+ organic oatmeal cookie crumble
+ pita chips
+ sliced cucumbers with cracked black pepper and sea salt
+ pine nuts
+ kalamata olives in olive oil
+ pumpkin butter
+ caramel sauce
+ dark chocolate sauce
+ coconut syrup
+ raisins
+ dried cranberries
+ dried cherry
+ sugared ginger peel
+ honey
+ agave syrup

thanks for your help!

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  1. Gods I'd buy this in a minute! I'd love

    1. agave syrup
    2. toasted coconut
    3. blood orange
    4. jam
    5. chia seeds
    6. fresh figs
    7. blueberries
    9. rapsberried
    10.sliced cucumbers

    1. I'm not vegan but that sounds awesome. I would def go for - in no particular order

      organic granola - difficult to find nut free granola and OH is allergic to nuts.
      fruit jam
      oatmeal cookie crumble
      dark chocolate
      white chocolate

      1. Espresso, I notice you're not in my part of the world (pity) but I can tell you that I have five sisters in law who cannot eat dairy without intense distress, and would happily buy quarts of the plain coconut greek yogurt to "doctor up" at home were this offered in my area. Of course, fresh, seasonal ingredients like berries would be awesome add-ins too

        1. I am not vegan or vegetarian but I am highly lactose intolerant so I would jump on this. I am also allergic to nuts and a lot of fruit so my topping options would be limited. I would go for the berries, pineapple, pumpkin butter, honey, sugared ginger.

          1. I would totally buy this!! I can't find vegan greek yogurt anywhere, which is frustrating because it seems like it is in tons of recipes and due to badly lactose intolerant, I can't buy the regular stuff.
            1. Plain
            2. oatmeal cookie crumble
            3. honey and granola
            4. mangoes
            5. pineapple
            6. any type of berries
            7. caramel sauce and apples
            8. pecans and strawberry
            9. fruit jam
            10. chia seeds and figs