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Apr 13, 2014 05:39 PM

ISO: Boba (large) tapioca for making bubble tea

Is it easy to find large tapioca to make bubble tea ?

If yes, I assume that I can find it in chinatown or maybe at the asian store on Décarie in westmount?



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  1. Many asian stores carry it. I found the regular brown tapioca and also intriguingly coloured bubbles at Marche G&D on St Laurent just above Viger. The bags at G&D were bigger than the ones I have seen at other stores. It really does not take more than a handful to make a lot of bubbles for many drinks and they do dry out and become harder to cook if you store them for too long, so I would look for a smaller size.

    1. Marche Hawai on Marcel Laurin in Ville St Laurent has everything you need for "bubble tea"

      1. Got some colored Tapioca pearls from the korean store on Décarie.

        First batch was very good.

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          1. re: hala

            It's a small bag (250g) of large colored tapioca pearl (Wu Fu Yuan Tapioca Pearl Color)

        1. I recently saw this at a bulk store.

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          1. re: Ruthie789

            which one? Was it in a bin where one can take as much as one wants?

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              I am sure I saw it at the store on St. John's road that sells nuts and dried goods. The one near the DQ.

            2. re: Ruthie789

              what bulk store ?

              Good Idea, I will walk by Frenco on St-Lo this afternoon, I will check if they have some.