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Apr 13, 2014 05:01 PM

Recipe needed vegan stuffed cabbage

Looking for a vegan stuffed cabbage recipe for passover ( no beans). My big question is if I use quinoa should I cook it first or use raw quinoa? I am inclined to use raw, and go with the cooks illustrated method, rinse, dry, toast- stuff. Sweet & sour sauce, slow cook.

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  1. I would definitely cook the quinoa first, but then again, undercooked grains are one of my pet peeves. If they didn't get enough moisture during cooking, there would be no way to remedy that problem at the end. Also I suggest that you freeze the cabbage first. When you thaw it, the leaves are nice and soft - saves the tedious and messy step of boiling the whole head of cabbage.

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      Wow thanks for the tip about freezing the cabbage, I actually stopped making stuffed cabbage because I so hated trying to separate the leaves.

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        I found that using this method, the cabbage leaves did need a bit more (finished) cooking time to soften. But it does generally work really well.

    2. I prefer partially cooking grains for stuff like this - it's easy to end up with undercooked grains and a dry dish if you don't have enough moisture.

      1. I would cook the quinoa ( or rice if you are Sephardic) and add nuts and mushrooms.

        1. Cook it first. You can use plain quinoa, a traditional red, sweet and sour sauce is pretty flavorful and it makes a delicious vegan dish.

          Or you can mix the quinoa with caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms and pine nuts for a filling rich and flavorful enough to stand up to a more subtle sauce.

          1. Hi 510jeff,
            Just wondering how this turned out. I am planning on making a stuffed cabbage with quinoa and mushrooms for Passover, so would love to hear if you have any tips from your experience!


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              If you need a starting point this recipe looks like a good one, just add in your sauteed mushrooms. Prepping the grain mix and sauce a day or two ahead is a great way to save time day of