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Apr 13, 2014 03:28 PM

Dosa party vendor recommendations?

Hi all,

Any recommendations welcomed for a solid vendor to hire for a vegetarian, South Indian style dosa party on site for a private party.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. I haven't used these as caterers, but I'll mention a couple possibilities and maybe that will jog someone's memory who has personal experience.

    Before it shut down, Udupi Palace in Newark had a dosa cart that was available for catering events. You might check with the SF or Berkeley locations.

    Aachi Aappakadai in Sunnyvale and Santa Clara has a dosa party menu on its website (minimum 50 people for on-site), as well as an aappam party menu.
    I loved the aappam, haven't had a dosa yet.

    1. Recently picked up food from Tirupati Bhimas for a party and it was quite good. A friend at this event mentioned she had attended a "dosa party" catered by Bhimas & it was excellent.

      As for Aachi Aappakadai - have only had appam and it was excellent, especially with minced chicken. Obvious bonus here is you get non-veg items as well; also loved their goat curry.

      1. Thank you, Melanie and ceekskat! I really appreciate the input. We really don't want to make a blind decision on such an important part of our dinner. These are great suggestions, and we'll research them further. I also learned y'day that there's a place called Chennai Grill in Dublin...have any CH's adventured there?

        Thanks again so much!