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Side dish suggestions

Now that things are warming up in the Midwest, I'm itching to fire up the grill. I'm inviting a few friends over next weekend and want to make this:


But have no idea what to make for side dishes/snacks. Any suggestions? This is an informal affair, about 5 people :)

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  1. Sweet potato fries. A bit of brown sugar, cumin, paprika and garlic powder.

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      With sweet potatoes this is a really good vegetable dish: cook chopped frozen spinach. Drain. While it is hot, add salt, garlic powder, curry powder, and grated Parmesan cheese (the dry kind in the cylinder can is fine). The spices melt into the cheese and make almost a sauce.

    2. Maque choux
      Potato salad - boil the potatoes in some Zatarain's crab boil

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        A Cajun girl taught me how to make Maque choux a long time ago. Patience is the first ingredient, and it will reward you

        1. Grilled asparagus- give a generous sprinkle of very finely fresh grated parmesan over the top when done and still hot.
          An acidic side salad to cut the spice and fat of the burgers- mixed greens with arugala, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, kalamata olives and a strong lemon vinegrette with black pepper (skip the salt since the kalamatas will take care of that)

          +1 on the sweet potato fries

          Root beer floats with root beer from your childhood and vanilla haagen dazs for dessert.

          1. I would go with a vinegary cole slaw or even warm German potato salad (just made some last night & keep wondering why I don't make it more often). You need something to cut the richness & spice of the burgers & remoulade. Even quick pickled carrots & cukes would be good. Something fresh with a little crunch is nice too.

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              This is the right answer.

              Maybe even kimchi.

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                +1 Vinegar Slaw - the one referenced in the first post here is a favorite of mine and always a hit http://www.bbq-4-u.com/forum/f13/dann...

                +1 for pickles too or a crisp bright cucumber salad

              2. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! Menu building is not my forte and the creole/Cajun (?) influence had me stumped.

                I agree that it really needs an acidic something to cut the fattiness. I also love the sweet potato fry suggestion. I have never heard macque choux either! Lots of good suggestions and much to think about. Thanks again :)

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                  Please report back on your burger recipe.

                2. Potato Salad
                  Cole Slaw
                  Baked Beans
                  Jalapeno Poppers
                  Pasta Salad
                  Chips with dips
                  Mac & Cheese
                  Fried Pickles
                  Onion Rings
                  Stuffed Mushrooms
                  Grilled squash and zucchini
                  Tater Tots
                  Grilled Corn

                  1. fresh fruit salad with a honey lime drizzle.

                    my MIL's cole slaw

                    a sweet tasty pot of home made BBQ beans

                    1. in addition to the vinegar-based coleslaws and pickles, i'd be thinking of adding a fruit salsa as well. watermelon with roasted corn, maybe some black beans added

                      1. how'd it turn out? what'd ya end up for sides