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Sauces to serve over rice, meat, and veggies.


I'm looking for some recipes of sauces I can pour over brown rice, a protein and some steamed veggies. The key is 1) it has to be made from scratch (no bottled sauces), 2) it can be made in advance on the weekend so its ready to go during the week, and 3) it makes about a cup or two at a time. For example currently I'm experimenting with asian influenced peanut sauces to serve over rice steamed cabbage and carrots, and with chicken or steak. I don't have any limitations regarding use of ingredients, ethnicity of cuisine, or ease/difficulty of preparation; as long as its delicious. Your tasty and thoughtful feedback is appreciated.

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  1. Use any creamy-style salad dressing you like. Recipes abound.

    Boil down equal volumes of wine and stock, along with minced shallots and parsley, as though you were making a bearnaise but don't reduce as much. You can include sun-dried tomatoes so they soften as the mixture cooks, if you like. Or nut meal, or nut butter, or soft cheese, or instant potato flakes. Add your favorite herbs/spices. Maybe anchovy paste or fish sauce or Worcestershire sauce or truffle oil. When the flavors have melded, puree. If it's not thick enough for you, cook it down a little more. If it needs perking up, add a splash of hot sauce and/or vinegar.

    1. Coconut milk with any type of curry paste

      1. We like tahini with garlic, lemon juice and a bit of water or broth.

        1. love love love tzatziki and raita over rice and couscous, all kinds of meat (lamb and chicken specifically) and veggies. Both sauce are great made with mint, dill and even basil

          Blue cheese dressing is a natural on a steak salad. toss some quinoa in the salad too.

          A thinned out pesto would work on most proteins and veggies. You could mix it up by using different nuts (almonds, pistachios, walnuts) and by replacing some or all of the basil with other herbs.veggies-asparagus, arugala, cilantro

          1. Gado Gado Sauce
            Curries from all over the world Jamaican, Thai, Indian, Japanese Etc....
            Green or Red Chili Sauces and Moles
            Étouffée and Cajun Roux based Sauces
            Spanish Picada Sauce

            1. I just made a sort of pesto that I'm loving over everything -
              Mint/Basil/Lemon Zest/Pistachios/Salt/Lemon Juice/Olive Oil

              It's great on chicken breast and tofu and tomatoes and all sorts of other stuff....

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                This sounds wonderful. Can you give me some guidance on measurements of the ingredients?

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                  I'll try - but you will most likely need to adjust -
                  in the cuisinart or blender
                  3/4 cup each basil & mint leaves
                  zest 1 lemon
                  1/2 cup roasted pistachio kernels
                  1 - 2 tbl lemon juice
                  olive oil - just guessing here - 1/3 - 1/2 cup?
                  salt to taste
                  also, I thin it a bit with water before serving, just until it can be drizzled rather than clumped.
                  This made a bit more than 1 cup - but I only use about two tbls at a time.

                  Enjoy and thanks!

              2. If bottled ingredients like wine, vinegar, soy sauce, mustard, and honey are okay:

                dill sauce
                mustard sauce
                honey mustard

                1. I really like to roast grape tomatoes and artichokes in the oven with olive oil and salt. When done, pour on more oil and fish sauce, toss in some herbs of choice, then keep in the fridge for a quick umami sauce for anything :)

                  1. This is my favorite sauce/dressing from Angelica's Kitchen restaurant in NYC. Good on virtually anything. Just puree all the ingredients below in a blender to your desired consistency. (These quantities make almost exactly 2 cups):

                    1 tablespoon finely diced onion
                    1 cup firmly packed peeled, grated carrots
                    2 teaspoons peeled, minced fresh ginger
                    1/4 teaspoon mustard powder
                    2 teaspoons rinsed, finely chopped fresh dill
                    2 teaspoons shoyu or tamari
                    2 tablespoons apple cider or apple juice
                    4 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
                    6 tablespoons olive oil
                    1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil
                    This Mediterranean "Magic Sauce" from 101 Cookbooks is pretty versatile and tasty, too.: http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/...
                    For an all-purpose Japanese-style sauce, I saute some mushrooms (and sometimes a little scallion and celery) in a small saucepot. Then I add 2 parts shoyu and 2 parts mirin with 1 part sake and boil until slightly thickened. Once it's cool, I add bonito flakes (to taste, but usually about half as much as the sake). It's very nice over the type of ingredients you mention along with a sprinkling of sesame seeds and some nori flakes.

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                      Thank you ninrn. These sound like some great recipes. I'm going to try them.

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                        That carroty sauce from angelica's kitchen is amazing stuff!! I always have to order it...

                    2. I'd like to thank everyone for the responses so far. I'd like to reiterate I'm in search of recipes (ingredient measurements/proportions). Specifically ones which you've made and know are successful. I'm not a good intuitive cook where I can wing it with ideas and measurements and have any success; oh and trust me I've tried to wing it.

                      1. Fried egg and ketchup. Stir. Pour. Done.

                        1. I make a romesco sauce similar to this one and its great on nearly anything.....

                          I make hummus dressing often- usually just whisking the hummus with the juice from a lemon and a splash of water or almond milk to the consistency i like. This recipe gave me the idea (tho i never did make it from the recipe

                          This is similar to chimichurri, i usually use dried thyme but half as much, and definately make a double batch!

                          1. Chimichurri
                            Orange garlic vinaigrette
                            Parsley pesto
                            Black olive vinaigrette
                            Roasted tomato salsa
                            Miso garlic butter
                            Mustard cream sauce
                            Curry honey mustard glaze

                            Whenever I roast chicken, I always make a simple gravy with the drippings, wine, stock, reduce it and add some lemon juice.

                            1. Standard Asian sauce: soy sauce, rice vinegar, honey, garlic, white wine (if you have) to taste. Can add sesame oil, scallions, chopped chile peppers, and/or peanut butter or sesame paste. This is my fast go-to for rice/veggie/protein dishes.