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Apr 13, 2014 01:04 PM

Freshest nuts?

Where to find freshest and cheapest nuts in Manhattan? If mail order is fresher and cheaper - where? Thanks.

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  1. SP Nuts on Church Street. They roast them there ( quite rare nowadays) totally fresh with lots of varieties.dont know if they do mail order, but it's fun to go there . It smells so fragrant there too..

    1. Cheapest would be in chinatown groceries. How fresh they are i dunno.

      I've ordered from oh nuts and they have a huge selection and great prices ($8/lb for raw almonds)

      1. Trader Joes has a pretty good nuts selection (I like mine raw/unsalted but they offer other preparations as well) and very good prices. has a great selection. I once received a rancid order but their customer service was excellent (no questions asked, no return refund).

        I just hate paying shipping costs when applicable though I do try to leverage our Amazon Prime.

        1. Thanks for these suggestions. All v. helpful.

          1. I would say Kalustyan's or the Nutbox in Chelsea Market