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Apr 13, 2014 12:47 PM

Where to buy local New Hampshire maple syrups

Driving from Boston to Northern Maine... is there a place to stop near-ish to the 95 where we might be able to find an array of New Hampshire maple syrups? Our hosts in Maine have requested, specifically, New Hampshire maple syrup but we simply don't have the time to drive more than an hour out of the way.

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  1. 95 spans only a tiny corner of New Hampshire, sounds like you would not want to go beyond Rockingham County and perhaps Strafford County.

    1. I would try the liquor store (literally adjacent to the highway, we know the crowd we're catering to), I seem to remember there being some sort of NH souvenir-y shop attached to it.

      1. I agree that the state liquor store should have it...pretty sure koosh is right.

        Or go to one of three sugar shacks in the Seacoast region...I would call first to see if they are open:


        2. Joseph Sanborn
        36 Peaslee Road
        Rochester, NH 03867


        1. Are you from the Boston area? You can pick up local/made in NH maple syrup at your local stop and shop, whole foods, Hannafords, etc.

          I recently picked up a bottle of medium amber syrup from Bethlehem NH at Ocean State Job Lot. It was very good, perfect on pancakes. It's all gone or I would check for the name for you.

          1. Ben's Sugar Shack says their syrup is sold at the NH Made store off I95 next to the liquor store.