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Apr 13, 2014 12:36 PM

Budapest - Ristorante Okay Italia - REALLY good pizza!

Okay, call us crazy but this is right up there with some really great pizzas we've had! After so many heavy, multi-course meals in the last ten days, pizza was what sounded good to us. Our hotel recommended this place which made me wary. But it was super good and super local. We went to the one across from the old train station. We had the Amatriciana. Thin crust and crispy. It comes with little bowls of grated cheese, raw garlic in olive oil and hot pepper flakes in olive oil. The pizza was about US$10 (!) and a bottle of wine was about US$22. Service charge was included.

The menu is really, really large which I would normally find offputting but if other things are as good as this pizza I would be happy indeed. They have several locations. I highly recommend.

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