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Apr 13, 2014 12:03 PM

How can I intensify the lemon flavor in a dish without added so much lemon juice that the dish seems watered down?

I like Hollandaise sauce but rarely can get it lemony enough for my taste. If I add extra lemon juice, the Hollandaise either curdles or becomes too thin for use as a sauce. Similarly, I like lots of other sauces with a more intense lemon flavor than is customarily put in a dish. Other than using more lemon juice, is there a way to intensify lemon flavor in a dish?

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  1. Place zest in butter when you melt it, then strain it out before you add it to the sauce.

    1. Grated lemon rind, just the yellow part, not the white which can be bitter.

        1. I've had a lot of success making compound butter or using lemon zest when I want more oomph.