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Apr 13, 2014 12:03 PM

Immersion Blender MINIATURE ??

Im looking for a miniature immersion blender for very small batches of mixing. The typical kitchen immersion blender is just too big and cumbersome. Im trying to emulsify small batches of about 6 tbsp of oil and cottage cheese on a daily basis.
Any ideas??

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  1. I wonder if a milk frother would work?

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    1. My Braun immersion blender came with an attachment that is basically a tiny food processor, it is powered by the blender itself, which fits into the lid of the little container. I use it to make small batches of salad dressing or sauces.

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      1. re: jacquelyncoffey

        Good suggestion but I really think the best thing would be a mini immersion that I could have more control over in a smaller container to be able to move it around. I need to emulsify every drop off flax oil into the cottage cheese so need to be able to move the wand around and scrape it down repeatedly. Its the centre point of the BUDWIG diet for cancer. My husband was just diagnosed with Stage IV colorectal. Trying everything we can and its a lot. Anything to make our lives a bit easier is welcome Xx Thanx for your input. Its appreciated. Truly

        1. re: BUDWIG

          That attachment does an awfully good job, so if you can't find a mini blender, might be worth a try. So sorry to learn of your husband's illness, I hope everything works out for him and you.

        1. re: harryharry

          It is very cool and yes its an excellent price. I might buy one just bcs lol the only milk frothed I have ever owned is a cheap from Ikea
          Ill take a closer look at this and jacquelyn's suggestion in the morn
          Thanx everyone for the good wishes and leads