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Breakfast spots in Broward

Who has some favorite Breakfast spots in Broward County? We have a few from Central to Northern Broward, but want to hear yours.

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  1. We love Lester's. The pancakes are good and portions are aligned with the prices.

    1. Ally's Comfort Cafe. Have been to the Davie location (not Sunrise yet). The pancake specials are always excellent and the weekend Ally's Benedicty is amazing (basically a latke benedict).


      1. Cypress Nook in Pompano
        Old Fort Lauderdale Breakfast House

        1. grandpas, dania beach by jaxons ice cream on us1

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            +1 on Grampa's for breakfast. huge omelets and the best pancakes on the face of the earth

          2. I Second the Cypress Nook, it's kinda built in a trailer of sorts? One stone picnic table outside while you wait for your table, packed on weekends, their bacon is the best, not sure what type they use, but wonderful.

            1. Original Pancake House - 2851 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. Well run with excellent service, good portion sizes and good food. I think they serve breakfast all day.

              1. Hibiscus Café in Fort Lauderdale.

                1. OB in Ft. Lauderdale is delicious.

                  1. OB House in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale is great. Then there is Denise's Kitchen in Pompano that we really liked (not a great location though). We also like Dyans Country Kitchen in Coral Springs on Wiles and University and D'Apple Café a little further west on Wiles.

                    Nelson's Diner in Ft. Lauderdale/Pompano was also good.

                    We didn't care for Cypress Nook...the service was a bit off and they messed up our order. Food was a little underwhelming too. :(

                    1. OB House is always worth the weekend wait! BEST grain bread, perfectly cooked poached eggs and delicious grits.