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Apr 13, 2014 09:59 AM

Former Washingtonian Needs Advice

I lived in DC for over six years...left early last winter. Over the past 1.5 years it seems a ton of new, hip, cool and delicious places have sprung up. Coming back for three days this week for a work trip (on an expense account but like to be reasonable and avoid majorly $$$ meals). Please suggest some new places that have opened up recently in the NW area (Dupont, Chinatown/Penn Quarter, U St, Logan, etc.). I now live in NYC if this put things in perspective about the access to the types of restaurants I regularly have access to. I'm looking for some places to meet friends with for dinner and some more low key lunch spots that are healthy (good salads and can be fast casual--like Sweetgreen). Thanks!

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  1. In U St area, I lke Seki Izakaya. The mero (broiled sea bass) is sensational. Also the rice roll, mackerel, seared tuna, and salads from the regular menu.

    1. Eat the Rich/Southern Efficiency
      Alba Osteria
      Fiola Mare
      Rose's Luxury
      Lupo Verde
      Fainting Goat
      Soi 38
      Menu Market

      There are lots of restaurants that opened since last winter but few are notable. The 3 at the top I've been to. Eat the Rich/Southern Efficiency are bars with great food. Alba has lots of small plates that are interestng. Fiola Mare is basically a branch of Fiola in Washington Harbor, but with a few more seafood options (and just as expensive, if not a little more expensive).

      The other restaurants are reputed to be good, especially Rose's Luxury (that's the one that I'd personally like to try).