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Apr 13, 2014 09:44 AM

Easter Sunday Brunch..So. NH

Anyone have any suggestions for Easter brunch..We've been to The Yard in Manchester and Gauchos. Looking for other suggestions. Thanks

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  1. This belongs on the Northern New England board, and you'll probably get more responses. These 3 come to mind:

    I haven't eaten at any of them for brunch, but thought I'd give you a couple of places to check.

    1. I highly recommend Wentworth By The Sea in Portsmouth. Went one year for Thanksgiving brunch, best brunch ever.

      1. Fratellos in Manchester has one.

        Left Bank in Tyngsboro

        MTs Local in Nashua

          1. re: rizzo0904

            That list is a helpful reference point for the OP.

            The Hippo may need to update their list however, as Richard's Bistro (Manchester) has been closed for a couple of years.

            Otherwise, a good starting point for Easter brunch Southern/Central NH options.

            The OP didn't specify what lever of service was desired, but if The Yard and Gouchos have filled the bill in the past, then nearly any place would probably do.