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Apr 13, 2014 09:37 AM

Quince or La Folie? [ San Francisco ]

I have been to La Folie before and I liked it but I have also heard good things about Quince (and it has that 2nd Michelin star). Does anyone have any thoughts as to what is a better experience?

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    1. I've eaten at La Folie a half-dozen times and at Quince once. Last summer I ate at both in the same week and found the food at La Folie far more satisfying and memorable.

      Here are photos from those meals:

      1. La Folie. Been to Quince a number of times and it doesn't have the same charm as La Folie.

        1. I liked the food at Coi more, but La Folie definitely has that more intimate special occasion feel and is a more special setting

          1. they're pretty different.

            quince is more minimalist, more northern california, more italian, and has much more of a corporate-feel.

            i think the food is better at quince, but the style of the food and the atmosphere are so different i think it depends more on which style you prefer.

            la folie to me feels lively and extravagant. quince feels more careful and reserved. and more expensive.