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Apr 13, 2014 09:30 AM


Will be attending a show at the Mercury Lounge and was advised to stop here for a bite.....any feedback appreciated .Thanks

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  1. never been disappointed in the food. good kebabs, though I often get the veggie platter - top notch, smokey baba ghanoush, very good grape leaves, not so fond of the hummus, which is a little too tahini-dominated. get a lahmajun for before/on the side.
    be aware that it's mostly takeout/fast food atmosphere, if that matters.

    1. +1. I love this place and you have the added attraction of being close to the Laboratorio del Gelato nearby on Houston street

      1. Good for what it is, not destination worthy like taim.... I also liked the baba very much, my falafel was fried to order with generous toppings.
        Yuji ramen on the 2nd fl of whole foods bowery is another option in the area

        1. If you want good doner kebab, this is one of the few places in NYC that has it.