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Apr 13, 2014 09:19 AM

[Korean in DC] Japchae hoddeok in Washington DC?


looking for japchae hoddeok (hot savory fried break filled with sweet potato noodles) in DC. Hanoori Town in Catonsville, MD used to make gul hoddeok (the sweet version) but that has now been discontinued. Really looking for the japchae version, any help is appreciated! Thanks

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  1. Your Korean options in DC are limited. Mandu (which I never cared for) and diner-ey type places like New Youngs or Cafe Kimchi. I don't recall seeing hoddeok in any of those places. Your best bet is either some place in Annandale or Beltsville.

    1. Gul = oyster, no? 굴

      In front of the Annandale Super H in nice weather on the weekend, there is a hotteok vendor. I'll ask. I've never seen the japchae version. I thought the sweet version is simply 'hotteok.' 호떡