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Apr 13, 2014 08:34 AM

just moved to the Northshore

Hi folks. Looking for a restaurant on the North Shore that would be a good choice for a lunch or dinner event for 25-30 people. My fiance is a chef, so good food is a must. I am an artist so I am looking for a cozy atmosphere. We love 62 in the Wharf (our fav), but the atmosphere is a bit cold. Any recommendations?! Thanks!

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  1. Finz in Salem has an upstairs room you can rent for a party of that size and the food is typically good. I have also been to wedding showers and other parties at the Boston Yacht Club in Marblehead.

    1. 5 Corners Kitchen in Marblehead should satisfy your husband (the food is about as good as you'll find on the North Shore), and the atmosphere is airy and elegant without being cold. If you're looking for something very, very cozy, you might try Antique Table in Swampscott, which would looks like what an Italian restaurant would look like in a 1980's animated Disney film but somehow remains charming rather than cloying and has excellent traditional Italian.

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          Five Corners is such a favorite for us that we drive up from Boston every other week or so for their Sunday Brunch/Lunch . They are not open for weekday lunch ,so
          you may be able to have your party there on a weekday.
          Beautiful light filled room, excellent service and lovely food.

        2. Last summer, we celebrated a friends birthday at The Rudder in Gloucester at Rocky Neck. Nice views and fantastic food. The fried clam appetizer were the best clams that we have ever had....sweet and tender without any hint of the elastic band texture you often get. We had ordered several appetizers to share and even though they were all very good, we ended up getting a few extra orders of clams because they were so good. The rib eyes going by looked wonderful and several of us (including myself)aren't big meat eaters, but we had to order it. It was better than any rib eye I've had at any of the $$$$$ steak houses in Boston. The entries that others got were also really good. We were very impressed and are going to meet there again (we meet every year coming from different areas of MA)this summer because it was that good. The best meal I've had in a long time. It's not a very big place and reservations are necessary. We reserved an outside table and eventually they had to drop clear plastic curtains to buffer a cool breeze that was a bit too cool. They worked well, and we were very comfortable. The menu changes every few months and they had several specials the night we went. The rib eye was one of them.

          1. Wow! Thank you everyone. It will be fun to go check these places out, and have a few great places that we can revisit as well. The 5 Corners sounds wonderful and we have walked by Finz without going in. So will check that out too. I have heard of the Antique Table so that is a must try. We have hoped to find a good place to eat in Gloucester so will check out the Rudder. I like the fact that it is not too big.