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Apr 13, 2014 08:01 AM

Lunch stop between FCO & Siena

Mr. Anthrope and I will be arriving at FCO, renting a car and driving directly to Siena. Any recommendations for place (town) or specific restaurant to stop at between the two for lunch? Nothing specific in mind, except good food. We have to be in Sienna as soon as we can, so unfortunately, there's little time for long side trips or driving out of the way to find a specific place.

Thinking Orvieto. Maybe La Palomba or I sette Consoli? Thoughts?

maybe further south? or further north in Montepulciano?

Anything up to 50EUR per person is okay. It is likely we wont drink much since there is the jet-lag from the overnight flight, we are driving, and have an event in the evening. We arrive on a Thursday in June, if that is helpful.


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  1. Yes, Orvieto would be a good place to stop. You can leave your car in the parking lot below the town and take the funicular up to town. Both La Polomba or La Pergola are very good.

    But what time do you get in? If its very early, you might just be better off heading straight to Siena. Then you can have a long leisurely lunch, and not have to worry about driving afterwards.

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      We arrive about 10:30am from New York. I'm imagining a good 90 min. between customs, baggage and picking up the rental car. Which I know might seem ambitious. Then it seems another hour and a half to Orvieto. Going straight to Siena would be nice, but knowing my partner, we likely wont make it that far without having to eat :)

      Thanks for both La Polomba and La Pergola recommendations - I will check them out.

      My partner is a "macellerio" here in Brooklyn, and we also plan to check out some Macellerie in Tuscany and Emeilia. maybe there is a nice one Orvieto too!

      1. re: miss_anthrope

        lots of local Italian food shops (including butcher shops) close at some point during the lunch break until mid-late afternoon. Because of your timing you may miss out in Orvieto but you will have plenty of opportunities after that.

        If you put Orvieto into the search block up top, you will find other recommendations and reviews.