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Oct 11, 2003 02:14 PM

Two Questions:

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1) Any recommendations for steak and fries in Montreal?

2) Anyone know what's up with the Montreal sushi page? It was supposed to be back up this month... and then... nothing.

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  1. 1. L'Express and Continental. Au Pied de Cochon serves up a tasty venison onglet (a.k.a. hanger steak), which frankly is pretty beef-like.

    2. was supposed to be back up in September of last year. Then it was promised for sometime this fall. I suspect it's either not NR's priority or has proved to be a bit more than he and his co-conspiritor can comfortably chew. Since they're volunteering their time and energy, you can't really be hard on them. Yet it's not incoceivable that the constant postponment may be having a chilling effect on the development of other such sites. In any case, Montrealers have been without a comprehensive sushi bar review page for a year and a half now. Bleh. It's like Waiting for Gobèrge...