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Apr 13, 2014 04:59 AM

Lunch in the Marais

On a Wednesday, I'll be taking a walking tour of the Marais that ends at approximately 1:00 PM so I'd appreciate some lunch suggestions. (I don't know any specifics about the route or the end point.)

I don't know where we'll eat dinner that night -- still researching -- but I can report a Saturday night reservation at Spring.

If there's a wonderful restaurant in the Marais where we should eat a full meal, we probably won't want to eat another such meal at dinner that night. If so, can someone make a recommendation for a lighter place to eat dinner? We'll be staying about equi-distance between the Maubert-Mutualite and Cardinal Lemoine Metro stops.

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  1. Restaurants only start serving lunch at 12:30.

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    1. re: Parigi

      I'm not sure what point you're making. My tour finishes after the beginning of lunch service. I anticipated that would be the case and now, you've confirmed it.

      Perhaps you misread my post and thought the tour would begin at 1:00 PM -- that I was looking for an early place to grab lunch.

    2. You should check the tour "operator" to know where it ends; it will let us choose a restaurant near that place and not at the other end of the Marais.

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      1. re: Maximilien

        My husband and I are good walkers, so I assumed we'd be able to get to any location within the Marais without difficulty. But I'm happy to provide any details you need to make the Board's answers most meaningful.

        I've sent an email to the tour operator and I'll return to this thread when I get an answer.


        1. re: Maximilien

          As promised...

          The tour ends on the Rue des Rosiers.

          1. re: Indy 67

            Thanks to everyone who responded with recommendations. I have quite a range of options.

            One lingering question...

            Is the Rue des Rosiers in the NoMa? the MiMa? or the SoMa? (And how do any of these labels relate to the phrase I've seen: Haut Marais?)

            1. re: Indy 67

              Rue des Rosiers is Soma, westward.
              Haut Marais is NoMa (for North Marais). It's about a 10 minute walk from Rosiers.
              Since all these terms are silly terms for losers to show that they are in when they are transcendentally out, I like to call the otherwise lovely Haut Marais the Hamas. Oh yes it is catching on. As much as Sopi.

              1. re: Indy 67

                "NoMa? the MiMa? or the SoMa?"
                Ok, you've caught me out.
                I made these all up.
                This is a bad Paris insider joke which began with calling South of Pigalle SoPi which our young sage Parnassien maintains is a true designation like NY's SOHO or Dumbo but the old folks raise their eyes at.
                Joking aside, look at a map or if you are so inclined GoogleMaps, and what I and we are referring to are North, South, East and West parts of the Marais.
                I apologize for the frivolity; my recommendations, however stand.

          2. My preference in NoMa is Les Enfants Rouges; MiMa is Claude Colliot and SoMa are Les Nautes and Sergent Recruteur (depending on where you wind up.)

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            1. re: John Talbott

              Hi John!
              We had lunch near the Picasso museum, in the Marais, that was vegetarian that was you recall the name, if it is still there?

              Merci beaucoup.

              1. re: Beach Chick

                Was I there?
                With you?
                I'm getting beyond old so who knows.
                I don't normally do veggies, they're too healthy.
                But Googling vegetarian Musee Picasso (which is reopening soon after the usual 20 years of renovation) I got “Le potager du Marais” ... 100% vegetarian. ...22, Rue Rambuteau 75003 Paris
                Hope it's the one.

                1. re: John Talbott

                  I love JT direly but don't see him going vegetarian in the Marais or anywhere else. In a famine perhaps, et encore.

                  1. re: John Talbott

                    LOL. .
                    It was Le potager du Marais..

              2. As John said I would definitely check out Les Enfants Rouges.
                For SoMa, you could try Metropolitain (rue de Jouy), I had a very good experience there.

                1. We stay in the Marais every May and I have some lighter lunch suggestions. Breizh Cafe for crepes (need a reservation), Bar Cuisine for open faced poilane bread sandwiches and Nanashi for bento box offerings. Also, have eaten at Cafe Des Musees for dinner and I think having lunch there gets more love these days. You can also go the falafel route on Rue des Roisiers-chez Marianne is a nice spot.

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                  1. re: macdog

                    A mostly vegetable based light lunch chosen from the Elements at Chez Marianne was my pick to meet my host for a first lunch stop off the plane from San Francisco and pre-nap. Here's the menu:

                    and here's the plate:

                    (Skip the pastrami)