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Apr 13, 2014 12:10 AM

Are you snacking on anything right now? **Springtime Edition**

**I miss this thread, and think we need a new one. Hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes.**

The last thread kicked off during the holiday seasons, and ended mid-February. With the weather shifting (at least here in SoCal!), do your snacking choices change with the seasons?

Dinner? Sure. But snacking? Not on my end.

While I like to eat seasonal meals, my snack cravings remain unaffected by what's at the farmer's market.

This evening, I steamed then shallow-fried a chopped white potato, sprinkled liberally with Lawry's seasoned salt and dipped in Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. For whatever reason, this was the tastiest potato I've had in ages. Crispy, deep-golden edges gave way to soft tender insides.

I also baked up a batch of apple-cinnamon hand pies and old fashioned gingerbread. These are tastes of fall I've been missing, and I enjoyed nibbles of each.

What are you snacking on???

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  1. I missed this thread too...I rarely posted but miss lurking.

    I am snacking on some peppered bacon leftover from last nights bacon, egg, and croissant breakfast.

    1. Definitely miss this thread. Just had some baked sour cream and onion chips.

      1. I missed it too...very timely, bison jerky!

        1. I suddenly had a sweet tooth, unusual for me. I hope someone helps me eat these!!!

          I made some ginger molasses cookies with cinnamon icing, then more *super moist* Hana Maui Banana bread (with maraschino cherries).

          I thought it would be nice for later evening with tea....but...afternoons work too!

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              ^ LOL -- good one. i thought it was a slice of meatloaf, too. and thinking oh yeah, get some white bread and mayo and i'm ready for a sandwich. now, not so much. banana bread sandwich? ah, i can get some cream cheese and put it between the banana bread slices and then put in a grill press.

          1. So close to dinner time but just made a stop at Aldi. Snacking on Emmentaler cheese bites. So glad they brought it back since it has been gone since before Christmas.