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Apr 12, 2014 09:40 PM

Yummy House Sarasota

Went for the first time about a week ago. It was during non peak hours on a weekday so we were able to get a seat quickly.

I was pleasantly surprised. The bok choy and grouper were a nice combo. It was in a garlic flavored sauce that was delicious. My son had a chicken dish that was also very good.

A few day's ago we tried the takeout. I was adventurous and tried the bitter melon and grouper combo. Whew. Way too bitter for my taste. The house Lo-Mein was non greasy and very well prepared.

Anybody else try Yummy House? Any recommendations for dishes?

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  1. Had many great chicken dishes at Yummy House but occasionally the food is not as good as the previous visit.
    The takeout is never as good as eating at the restaurant. They serve $10 meals so expect that every visit or takeout will not be their best.
    They do a great job for being very busy, very low prices, and very fast, which makes them successful.

    1. Beef with XO Sauce (See note)
      Calamari (or Shrimp) with Salt and Pepper
      Hong Kong-style Roast duck
      Clams with Black Bean Sauce

      Note: There are several variations of Beef with XO: Spicy and Short ribs. Ask your server to explain the differences. At our last meal there, our server recommended a version of XO not listed on the menu. Was it shrimp with XO? Ask you server for his/her favorite XO dish, including off menu options.

      1. If you like Dim Sum, on Weekend mornings, a favorite for many Asian families (lunch), they have the steam carts with an adequate variety of dim sum on the hot carts, such favorites as Char siu baau, Shaomai, Phoenix claws, (chicken feet),Char siu, pork and beef tripe each prepared in a spicy sauce or fermented bean sauce, rice porridge, (congee), with preserved egg & shredded pork various squid preps, pickled jellyfish, etc. Not all items are always available, but the preparation is good and the turn over of the items on the carts is good as it is usually packed with patrons, both Asian as well as Western folks. At the end of your selecting tasty plates from the carts many families will end with a huge platter of true Chow Mein, seared noodles with fresh veg such as baby Bok Choy, chinese broccoli, mushrooms etc.

        Overall, Yummy House is, by far, the best Cantonese chow in SRQ.

        1. Dim sum on Saturday and anything XO but especially the seafood fried rice w/XO

          1. Yummy House and China Yuan, both in Tampa, and ABC Seafood in St. Pete are the consensus choices of Tampa Bay area Chowhounders. (I'd add T.C. Choy's in Tampa, as well.) Yummy House has incredible food and I would add the salt and pepper shrimp, scallops, and about eight more "salt and pepper" choices to the list of memorable dishes. These are listed as appetizers, but are actually full-sized dishes.

            The Yummy House chefs always swing for the fences and you tend to get spectacular dishes or flops. Happily, the spectacular dishes outnumber the flops by a wide margin. Flops-wise, I'd be leery of anything described as coming with "Chinese vegetables," with no further description.

            I also like their beef with peapods because the peapods are incredibly fresh. Also, try their crispy noodles dish with tomato on top. It is excellent, huge, and cheap. (After you take it home, however, the noodles become soggy. It is really an-in-the-restaurant only dish.)

            One of things I love about Yummy House is that you can get loads of dishes there that you can't find anywhere else in Tampa. Good luck!