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Apr 12, 2014 06:34 PM

Astro Donuts in DC - Report

I'll start this off by saying I am the worst person to fairly judge donuts. I love them warm and cooked-to-order, but donuts sitting there on a counter rarely interest me.

However, because of the recent WaPo article on the 40 best things to eat, I was lured into trying Astro near 13th and G Sts, NW.

I sampled four donuts, all of them terribly sweet. They make Krispy Kremes seem like a diet regimen. The least sweet was the one listed in the article: the creme brulee donut. Still, no thanks. I also had the sour cherry (could be more sour), the maple bacon (this was the sweetest - with a hefty maple glaze), and the rocky road, which was more like a heavy cake.

No more fancy donuts with their heavy, heavy triple-thick glazes for me. None of this can compare to cooked-to-order donuts for brunch that a few places make darn well.

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  1. I like to use their Sriracha dipping sauce in conjunction with the PB&J donut.

    Balances the sweetness, with a bit of heat and tartness.

    1. I really enjoyed the creme brulee donut. Yes, very rich, best to be shared and consumed with a cup of coffee.

      1. Back in the day I was able to get fresh hot donuts from University Donuts before they became Mandalay. Those were good. But I like the Chinese donut holes at Grace Garden better. If you know other options for hot fresh donuts, please post them.

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          The ones I'm talking about are available for brunch at some restaurants. Lyon Hall in Arlington does this, and I know there are several places around the area, though I don't keep up that much with current brunch offerings.

          1. I just did some recon of our new office at 600 13th St, and saw that Astro Donuts was around the corner. Sounds like it's worth a try but fortunately not good enough to suck me in regularly.

            Will try the creme brulee donut and the fruit offerings. The maple bacon sort of things have no appeal to me.

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            1. re: Bob W

              Hit them up early.

              I swung by them a couple of weeks ago around 3-ish in the afternoon and it was a very sad sad looking place.

              Even the square donuts had lost their edge and were turning sort of roundish.

            2. I had to try this place because we just went to Doughnut Plant in NYC and I wanted to compare. We actually tried them all (Elvis, maple bacon, lemon blueberry, creme brulee, brooklyn blackout, vanilla, cinnamon, mint chocolate chip, pb and jelly). I think they just overdo the sweet toppings and fillings so they are overly sweet and the doughnuts don't have much texture so it doesn't hold up to the sweetness. I know Doughnut Plant is often criticized but I loved the heavier texture of their doughnuts which held up to their glazes and fillings, plus they have far less glaze/filling.

              I don't know if it's fair to compare the two pb and j's but there was way too much sweet jam in the Astro Donuts, plus the pb topping was weak on pb, heavy on sweet. Doughnut Plant had a good donut base, some house made jam and a good pb topping that was very peanut buttery. I thought the best doughnut at AD is the Brooklyn Blackout which is a softish cake donut. It almost bordered on a muffin/cupcake. That said, with a cup of coffee, the sweetness was manageable. Given the lack of good donuts in the area, it is one of the best I've had here (outside of restaurants that do it as a dessert) but that isn't saying a lot.

              I would love to know how their fried chicken is.

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              1. re: chowser

                They have a food truck, but it doesn't serve fried chicken in spite of the fact that it has "Astro Donuts and Chicken" written prominently on the side.