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Apr 12, 2014 06:19 PM

The New York Times - Passover 2014

Am I wrong or was the attention to Passover a little lean this year? Don't get me wrong - I am excited about Melissa Clarke's dessert recipes (I already made her matzoh toffee - declared to be "the best ever" by DH - and I plan to make the torte on Monday). But, I remember there being much more in the past. In fact, I was a little surprised that pizza made the front page of the Dining Section this week. Am I totally off the mark?

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  1. There was quite a lot of bitching on the Washington Post's food chat about lean Passover coverage. Pro versus anti-brisket factions. I'm ok with it - but mine is a non-kosher Sephardic-inspired Passover.

    Quinoa is getting more play than it deserves, IMO.

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      In the kosher-keeping world (I kinda straddle the two), quinoa really IS a big deal. You have no idea how tired people get of potatoes, potatoes, oh and more potatoes. Passover "noodles" are generally accepted to be pretty nasty so don't get used much. Anything that can replace potatoes is of necessity going to get a lot of coverage. It's only this year that the OU decisively agreed that quinoa, with certification, is truly acceptable.

      There's also another quirk that I've seen among people who keep kosher. There tends to be a reluctance to use mainstream recipe sources to cook from. Even if a recipe is inherently kosher or can be made kosher with only minor adjustments, many kosher keepers will only use recipes that come from kosher cookbooks or bloggers. Hence, they tend to be a little bit behind trend. An awful lot of kosher people really do have no idea what to do with quinoa and need the hand-holding.

      That said, the Passover food issues always come out too late for me to use for the current year. By the time they come out, I have my menu set and my shopping done. I did put away this year's NYT for future reference, though.

      1. re: rockycat

        I hear ya. Despite trying hard, I just can't love quinoa. I do see the appeal of a new starch for Passover but then I'm not kosher (at all) and I've never met a potato I didn't like.

        Oven roasted potatoes w/ rosemary and garlic on my menu tonight.

    2. Agreed. Much less on Passover. The NYT's recipes have been disappointing the last few years. Agreed on the quinoa. Does anyone actually make any of the Recipes for Health? Seems like a waste of real estate to me.

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      1. re: SarahInMinneapolis

        I make some of the Recipes on Health and I like some of them very well.

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          I actually really like the recipes for health.... I've enjoyed the ones i have made- much more creative and interesting than a lot of so called healthy cooking recipes

        2. Anyone check out the dining section today? Easter made the front page. I guess it makes sense that Passover, a holiday with two special meals and so many dietary restrictions, should be glossed over... NOT!!