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Apr 12, 2014 05:33 PM

What to fry matzo in?

Ever since Nyafat was discontinued, my fried matzo has not been the same. I have tried butter, vegetable oil, canola oil, olive oil, schmaltz, and various combinations thereof. Nothing works the way Nyafat did (especially onion flavored Nyafat). Suggestions, please. It does not have to be kosher.

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  1. Duck fat is fabulous.
    But schmaltz should work well.
    Check this out

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    1. re: magiesmom

      Have you made vegetarian schmaltz per the article, magiesmom? Do you know if butter can be substituted for the margarine, or does that not turn out right?

      1. re: IWantFood

        I have not but my sister has.
        Butter must be fine because she never uses margarine.
        She also hates canola oil so she probably uses grapeseed.

        I have had her matzo Brei with this; it is good, and reminiscent of that with nyafat. But not as good as with onion infused duck fat.

      1. have you infused butter over low heat with chopped onion?

        I think butter is unbeatable when eggs are involved.

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        1. re: weedy

          Thanks, everyone, for the suggestions. I decided to saute a chopped, medium-size onion in a decent quantity of canola oil and butter. Then I followed the "Matza Brie" recipe here,, reducing the eggs to three and increasing the matzo to five boards. I also added a liberal amount of salt a pepper. It looked beautiful when done: definitely something I could serve on a platter to company. For me, however, it was too eggy and tasteless. So, I chopped it up, but it back in the frying pan with more oil and butter, much more salt and pepper, dried onion, and some garlic salt (happily, the garlic salt doesn't impart a garlic flavor to the matzo; rather, it enhances the salt a pepper). Much better. But it still lacked....something. Ah, well.