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Apr 12, 2014 04:24 PM

Where do you go for tempura?

Please share. I would love to know.


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  1. i've never had really good tempura in NYC...the anago tempura at Sobakoh is decent though...but everywhere else i avoid it...

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    1. re: Simon

      I also have never had tempura that compares to tempura in Japan. Tempura here is usually greasy and lacks that "right taste'. I did have a decent tempura dish at Kura part of the Kappo menu.
      I had a good tasting uni/hotate tempura at Blue Ribbon Izakaya. It is not on the menu but special of the sushi chef.
      If my memory serves me well Dojo did a good job with tempura.
      But again, none of these are close to what you get in Japan.

    2. I'm also looking forward to an answer. I've tried a couple -- it's been about 2 years ago -- and I've been very disappointed.

      1. @Simon and shaogo

        Your responses are confirming my worst fears ...

        1. Sushi Yasaka claims to be a tempura specialist, but I thought their tempura was just ok, but they had the most interesting variety I've seen in NY. Its a different style, the batter is almost white instead of yellowish, and its more chewy than crispy, similar to soba totto, and matsugen, the wife says that kyushu style.

          Hasaki's and Sobaya's tempura is pretty decent but inconsistent. I go there and Sobakoh for my ten don cravings.

          I remember Zenkichi had pretty good tempura.

          I heard Donguri might be worth checking out.