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Apr 12, 2014 03:53 PM

cajun country restaurants


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  1. Pats in Henderson louisiana

    1. Are you looking for recommendations?

      If so, I have a few:

      McGee's Cafe & Bar in Henderson - http://www.mcgeeslanding.com/cafe.html
      Wonderful étouffée, Plus they have good Cajun music on the weekends. More rustic and intimate than Pat's, but still some room for dancing.

      Pat's Fisherman's Wharf - also in Henderson - http://www.seafoodrestauranthenderson...
      Can get very busy most nights.

      Cafe des Amis in Breaux Bridge - http://www.cafedesamis.com/
      A must for brunch. Don't pass up their breakfast appetizers, either.

      Prejean's in Lafayette - http://prejeans.com/
      Étouffée, "half&half"' and usually a house band playing.

      Randol's in Lafayette - http://www.randols.com/
      Their Cajun "BBQ" Shrimp are to die for, and a house band - good sized dance floor, too.