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Oct 8, 2003 12:02 AM

Montreal -- very good but unpretentious

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I'm considering what to do for a couple who will married next week and will be moving from Pennsylvania to Montreal. They have nearly everything from their two houses, so I'm trying to do something different. Given that they will be in new jobs in a new city, I'm thinking about a gift certificate to a really good restaurant, the kind they'd want to go back to and to which they would take friends. They're in their mid-thirties, outdoorsy hikers who are unpretentious but who like good food.

An introduction to a nice restaurant in their new city might be welcome after the hubbub of house sales, the wedding, and trying to dig in anew. With that background, can anyone help here? Places with websites would be helpful, too. Many thanks.

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  1. k

    Well... Movenpick's kinda fun... though to be honest, the last time I went I was a little disappointed. How about a gift certificate for breakfast at Eggspectations?

    1. It sounds like Le Passe Partout in NDG (west end) would be a good fit. I don't believe they have a website but you can visit for details.

      Although you might bear in mind that one or two recent reports have claimed a falling-off in quality, Au Pied de Cochon ( is an unpretentious bistro with a unique menu and an ambience in which a couple of outdoorsy 30-something food lovers would feel right at home. Service is a bit absent-minded but friendly; it's the kind of place where they recognize you after a visit or two. There are several reviews of it in threads further down the listing, the most comprehensive of which is hyperlinked below.


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      1. re: bftp is not the Montreal resto - it's the website for a Paris bistro. I don't think the Duluth Street establishment has a website.

        1. re: Kate M.

          Right you are. I misread the address — small black print on a dark delft blue background on the business card... Anyway, the correct address is (clickable link below). The French establishment is one of the oldest bistros and the name of the Montreal resto is, among other things, a wink in their direction.