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Apr 12, 2014 02:18 PM

Where to find spanish peanuts?

Just returned from SE Asia. Many times served small Spanish peanuts at hotel bars. They were small and greasy and salty. Sometimes flavored with fried garlic and kaffir lime leaf.

Tried to make at home but Spanish peanuts here are always too big... any suggestions?

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    The giant Spanish peanuts you're talking about sound like the type of Spanish peanut they grow in Texas. They have the smaller kind in the bulk section of many Whole Foods or natural food co-ops, and at Hispanic/Mexican grocery stores, and sometimes they sell large cans of Planters' salted Spanish peanuts at CostCo. They also sell a 5 lb bag of unsalted for around $17 on Amazon.

    None of these are seasoned the way you describe, they're just the Spanish variety of peanut. You'd have to add the spicing yourself, but there are lots of great recipe for spiced Spanish peanuts online.