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Apr 12, 2014 01:42 PM

Saturday Brunch (or Lunch) in PVD

I'm looking for a place to have brunch or lunch after my daughter's confirmation in May. It will be on a Saturday at 10am, in Providence.

The list gets narrowed down by the fact that it's not on a Sunday (for brunch)----and by who accepts reservations and who doesn't (wanted to go to Nick's on Broadway but no reservations). I'm thinking there will be about 8-10 of us. It doesn't have to be brunch---I just thought it might be nice, and we all love breakfast foods. On the casual side, but want great food.

At this point, the short list is:

(for brunch)
Avenue N (Rumford)
Waterman Grille

(for lunch)

I've seen comments about Cook & Brown's brunch (unless I totally imagined them) but their website looks like just dinner.

Any input on this would be much appreciated. I was at a small wedding/brunch at CAV almost two years ago and it was good, but have not been back since. I don't know how they are now.

Thanks in advance!

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