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Apr 12, 2014 01:42 PM

Grange, Westwood, NJ

Thought for sure there would be a post on Christine Dunn's latest restaurant venture. Anyone have any experiences or recommendations to share? I'm heading there tonight with a group of friends and I'm quite excited to try her cooking after reading so much about her here.

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  1. Awesome place. Fast favorite. Really solid food served by a fun crew. Enjoy and report back!

    1. Please let us know how it was and what you ordered. I made reservations for my husbands birthday two weeks from now.

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        This post spurred a last minute visit last night. Place was packed. Had the fondue (exceptional, waiter told us its coming off the menu soon for spring oh no!) and the scallops (also exceptional). There's something truly special about this place - has delivered an "experience" each of my 3 visits. Glad to have it in my neighborhood.

      2. fyi it is Christine Nunn

        1. 3 couples, everyone enjoyed their dinner. Nice place, crowded with good energy. Had a great server. I had a fish special, skipped the grits & had undercooked kale.That's the worst I can say. Oh, and not being offered a refill on my coffee at the end. DH's scallops were delicious.

          We'd definitely go back.

          1. Have heard very good things about Grange, and unfortunately, I am sorry to say I still haven't been there. Too many people, whose opinion I respect, have told me they enjoy it -- two chefs, two restaurant owner/operators, and a few other people "in the business" so to speak.

            I have plans to go in about two weeks and I am looking forward it.

            Thanks for the posts.