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Apr 12, 2014 01:40 PM

Guided food tour of queens for the parents

So my parents are visiting me and will need something to do while I'm at work during the day. They've been to nyc many times and have really enjoyed various guided walking food tours in manhattan.

I found "jeffery tastes" in queens- anyone have first hand knowledge of this tour?

Suggestions for another company/person are also welcome!! Let's say $70/pp max
My parents would never do something like this on their own as a self guided tour- mom and dad with a map in an unfamiliar area ends in arguments....!

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  1. Jeff is a great guy and the tour is fantastic- they will love it

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      Agreed , he truly knows his stuff, but he's not overly precious. Highly recommend

      1. re: debinqueens

        Thanks! Sounds like this will be perfect for them!

      2. re: AubWah

        Oh yay! So glad to hear that!! I'm just disappointed I won't be able to go too.....

        1. You know he posts here, right? :)

          Here is his CH profile:

          And his web site:

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            Ha! No i didn't know that....! I'm an outer boroughs amateur :/ i'll have to do a tour myself.....

          2. Joe DiStefano used to do Queens tours as well, I won one in a contest, so don't know the cost. It was a pleasant trip thorough Flushing. Here is his site...


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              Thanks! His website looks really great too!

            2. My parents LOVED their food tour of queens with jeffery of jeffery tastes! They met him in jackson heights and proceeded to walk and eat for several hours trying food from tibet, columbia, pakistan, and several more. They were thrilled and really enjoyed an afternoon of authentic ethnic food from around the world. Mom has already emailed friends who will visit nyc soon to recommend jeffrey. Pictured are the tibetan momos and columbian cholada dessert of shaved ice, condensed milk and fruit