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Apr 12, 2014 01:20 PM

Peterborough, Ontario Good Eats Rec's

I am looking for a couple of interesting places to eat in Peterborough. I have been to Reggie's Burgers a few times (real good burgers) but would like to branch out when in town for business. Any ideas and price range is all good.

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  1. Try St Veronus Cafe & Tap Bar ....great beer selections and very good food

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    1. Don't see the appeal of Reggies. Been twice and both times were a bust, Apollo burgers beat Reggies hands down IMHO (Apollo has two locations now, George St and out west on Landsdowne). Oh, and don't waste your time and money at The Works.

      Pretty well ALL the Ptbo gems are covered here.

      Now something REALLY important : Muddy's Pit BBQ in Keene opened last week. Outstanding Q ! Check his facebook page for which days they are open through the Spring. Get Ye There Now !

      Muddy's, Muddy's, Muddy's....