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Apr 12, 2014 01:08 PM


So,my daugher and I planted pea seeds, and the plants grew, and I spend to much time talkin about how we were going to have a nice pea harvest. I just have all these green plants, and no peas. Any clues about where I went wrong? Austin Texas.

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  1. What kind of peas? Are you sure it's past the "days to maturity" on the seed package? Peas can seem to take forever.

    1. Hmm. Mine are producing now, the sugar snaps more than the snow peas this year. I think I planted in late January/early Feb., an inch down, keeping the seedlings moist for a week or two. Do you have them in full sun, supported by a fence or trellis? I've done nothing else special. Are they flowering?

      1. High nitrogen fertilizer? Peas are legumes and do not need extra nitrogen. In the presence of excess, they tend to make lots an lots of foliage and flower less.

        1. do peas need male and female to produce? trying to remember my Mendle...