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Apr 12, 2014 12:14 PM

Brentwood Cafe last night

Hit up the café last night for a quick dinner and was very pleased. The long list of specials included a lobster roll. It was served "Maine style" - cold, with mayo, rather than warm, with drawn butter (Connecticut style). It was very good; much better quality chunks of lobster meat than I've gotten from the Lobstah Truck or from Cousins, and probably a bit better than BPO - and, at $18.50, it was almost 6 bucks cheaper than BPO. The lobster meat didn't include any of the rubbery parts from the end of the claws. SO had the grass fed, organic burger. I can't really opine about it since she ordered it medium-well and it came exactly as she wanted it; so she loved it and thought it was perfect. Cooked that much, it could have been a ground Coach purse on a bun. After having the perfect burger the day before at Belcampo, I didn't need to tempt the burger fates. But the generous portion of fries that came with our dishes were among the best I've had in LA. I didn't even want fries and ordered the new potato salad instead (and it was good), but they also brought me fries by mistake and I couldn't stop eating them. They were perfect.

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  1. This is the Bruce Marder joint ????


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    1. re: kevin

      Isn't it across from Lemonade?

      1. re: carter

        Directly across from Lemonade and next door to The Brentwood

    2. Good to know, Wayno. Always looking for good lobster roll joints, especially on our side of town.

      What's the atmosphere like? Just curious.

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        I've been there a few times for lunch. Not much atmosphere. Cramped indoor area, small space. Very nice outdoor area. Bruce Marder's is trying to make this cafe a success so he has his Brentwood Restaurant chef working both places and his Capo chef, Ricky, overseeing Vicente, the Brentwood chef. I do like the food. Many of the same items as The Brentwood menu, but less expensive. Beer and wine only, but some patrons have cocktails at The Brentwood Bar and dine at the Cafe. They offer a $22 prix fixe 3 course meal each evening. Also, offer discounts to Brentwood and Archer school students. Service can be a bit slow when busy. I do know that Executive Chef, Ricky buys all of his produce at Sm farmers mkt for all of Marder's restaurants. I highly recommend the soups and omeletttes.

          1. re: maudies5

            any idea what BM will be doing with the now former House Café on Beverly Blvd. - maybe a Brentwood Café menu, or ?

          2. re: Dirtywextraolives

            I thought it was pretty cute. Some touches resembling a pretty plain French brasserie. Long and narrow and, as Maudie said, nice sidewalk seating. Service was on the haphazard side.

              1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                I see it more as a daytime restaurant, I could see having an early dinner there with the kids after a game at one of the parks on Barrington. Check the website. They also have a takeout menu.

                1. re: maudies5

                  That might work for us on the way home from the valley when we get off the 405. Thanks for the insight!