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Apr 12, 2014 11:01 AM

El Taconazo, Prov/Cranston/Prov, RI

I just drove down, for the first time, to the still fairly new location on Dyer Ave. in Cranston, and there it was, gone!

Closed signs in the windows but tables, chairs, etc., visible.

I popped into the barbershop a few doors down and asked if they knew anything. The barber told me that she had moved back to Providence, he thought Valley St., in the flea market? Because she wasn't doing very well in the Cranston location, and the clientele that loved the place didn't follow to the new location.

I didn't have time to deal with the flea market and try to find it, and I'm embarrassed to say what I did instead. But does anyone know about this---where has El Taconazo moved to, what's the story? Was really looking forward to going there today.

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  1. They are located inside of a corner market on Atwells Ave in Olneyville. There used to be a different taco stand in there, but El Taconazo has taken over.

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      Yeah----since originally posting this----not long after----I wandered into the Sanchez Market (actually more Mt. Pleasant than Olneyville----bottom of Academy Ave, at Atwells) to buy some dried peppers and there it was!
      I bought two tacos----carnitas and beef----and they tasted great but I then got an awful stomachache for a few hours. Coincidence? Maybe.

      I haven't been back since, but have eaten a lot of tacos at El Rancho Grande, Tallulah's and Taco Mix.