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Apr 12, 2014 08:04 AM

Flagging dilemma -- it's just a recipe.

Noticed today that there are a barrage of posts that are just recipes.
No "story," no preamble, just a list of ingredients and some instructions.

There's a part of me that says
"Isn't this what Ch -- esp the HC Board-- should be all about?"
yet there's another thing that stands up inside me and says
"SPAM! This is non-shoulder meat non-USDA certified SPAM!"

How does CH-at-large feel about this?
I admit, if there had been ANY type of "Discussion" in the post, such as
"it's almost Easter and I'd like to share our family's fav ____,"
I probably would never have noticed the flurry.

Note-- I flagged 2 and then came here to ask.

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  1. I believe I know the posts you are referring to. I also flagged one, as my impression is they're just here to drive traffic to the poster's site.

    1. Do they contain particular brand ingredients, or do they link to a commercial site to generate traffic?

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      1. re: mcf

        They're basically a list of ingredients with no instructions or details and a link to a website for the full recipe.

        They're clearly spam, and the poster should be banned like any other spammer.

      2. Yeah, it's just "a recipe". Except the poster's been shitting his/her recipes all over random boards (e.g. the Europe board) with no commentary whatsoever. "Just" a recipe and a link to his/her blog.

        I've flagged two of those already. Looks like spam to me.

        1. If it looks like spam and it smells like spam, it often is, especially when a poster is posting the same type of posts on multiple boards. It's always a good idea to flag it and we'll take a look. Flagging it doesn't always mean it'll be deleted, each post has to be reviewed by a moderator, and flags make it a lot easier for us to find problem posts, so thanks for flagging!

          1. I took a look and saw not only what you described, but also someone who pops in every couple weeks and posts a Youtube link to what I suppose is a self-produced cooking show or vlog or channel that they come to spam with whenever there's a new episode. Flagged 'em. There are often some polite and well-meaning responses from other users, but they are ignored by the OPs, who probably don't even check back.

            I always check out the user profile before flagging - I've seen some posts in the past that seemed advertise-y, but when I clicked on the profile, I saw that they were longtime contributors and just genuinely trying to share a product they liked or discuss it.

            Just Recipe Guy and Youtube Guy only post their links and run.

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            1. re: NonnieMuss

              There're also
              ThisIsTheNameOfMyBlog Gal
              and the
              BuyThisFromMeOnSale Lady

              Although, I suspect some CH'ers would have been more...thoughtful...had they known that user names cannot be changed.