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Apr 12, 2014 07:52 AM

two nights in boston with family

Short college visiting trip with two teenagers. We only have two dinners. Can be Boston touristy but have to be good food and somewhere between Back Bay and Harbor. Thoughts?

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  1. boston touristy pretty much means mediocre food.

    budget? when do you come? is there a type of food in your area you don't get to try? will the teens eat anything?

    boston is small, so from back bay to the waterfront is not a long distance.

    1. here are a couple of links to help you refine your questions.

      You should specify price point and what kinds of food that interest you the most also where you are from so we don't send you to somewhere you home is noted for. Like bbq if you are coming from memphis. When are you visiting? Graduation time in Boston will be hectic (may).

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        Great choices...along the way found Beehive (love taking my teens to see music) but is food any good?

        1. re: C2A

          the food is very meh and i don't know that they allow under 21 for all the music.

          with only 2 dinners this is definitely a pass.