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Apr 12, 2014 05:59 AM

Mid week dinner

Am stopping by Philadelphia en route to Washington with my 18 year old -we are staying for 2 nights. He's a very adventuresome eater -literally will eat anything and just about every cuisine. Any cool new places to try? Somewhere that doesn't make the usual tourist lists?

Thanks for the help

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  1. Pretty general request... where are you staying? I'd start with these lists:

    Pretty good mix of places of downtown, the hipper fringe neighborhoods, and the sketchier but up & coming neighborhoods, from the highest end to sandwich and hot dog joints.

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    1. re: barryg

      We are staying in Center City

      The only place we've been in Philly is Morimoto - which he loved both for the food and vibe. Doesn't have to be high end.

      1. Cheu Noodle bar would be cool.. asian/jewish fusion... you could go there for lunch or dinner.

        Rangoon.. burmese food in chinatown. Different cuisine that you dont often get to try. It is a mixture of indian thai and chinese flavors.

        I would consider one of the tapas places. maybe Bar Ferdinand, or Jamonera. (Amada and Tinto are the other two big ones.. these are Jose Garces restaurants if he is into celebrity chefs.)

        Noord is a new scandanavian restaurant that is getting a lot of buzz. Again a food you dont find too often. Note they are closed Mondays and tuesdays.

        For a take on southern cuisine, Kevin Sbraga has opened up Fat Ham. It is a more casual place than his flagship restaurant Sbraga, and you can enjoy great food there like oyster sliders, and hot chicken, Nashville style.

        1. Serpico. Definitely different.

          Vernick, if you can get a reservation.

          Parc - a lively French bistro.

          Amis for casual and creative Italian from Marc Vetri -
          noisy, but the 18 year old won't care. Osteria, farther away but a little more upscale Vetri.

          These are all in center city and walking distance except for Serpico, which would be a long walk or short cab.