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Apr 12, 2014 05:53 AM

Eating Low Carb in Restaurants?

We are going out for dinner tonight for the first time since I’ve started eating lower carbs (less than 100 grams daily). I’ve been asked to pick the restaurant with the only caveat….no steakhouses. I would love to enjoy a complete dinner i.e. appetizer, entrée & dessert if possible, not just a hunk of meat or fish and a salad. What are some strategies or types of cuisine that other low carbers use/frequent? Is Middle Eastern an option? I'm not familiar with this cuisine but my new favorite food is humus. Thanks!

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    MIddle eastern can be viable.

    Things like baba ghanoush and hummus with veggies instead of pita.

    Kabobs with a yogurt dipping sauce

    If the restaurants have an online menu you can plan before you go. that might help you get the best options.


    Low carb is the easiest way of eating I've ever been on (very low fat, vegetarian, vegan) in my life for restaurant experiences.

    Just about every place I go, they're prepared to sub the day's veggies for a starch side or pasta. Usually I can request what I want or just add an a la carte side dish of sauteed veggies.

    The only cuisines I tend to avoid due to the excessive use of sugar too common to them are Thai and Korean, but even those I can find something to eat.

    I rarely order restaurant desserts, but when I do, it's shared, and often something like flourless chocolate cake, or just a flat out splurge on a day I've eaten uber low carb in anticipation. Here, portion size really helps.

    It also helps not to have bread brought to the table, if that's possible with your companions.

    Middle eastern is a wonderful option; stick to baba ganoush instead of hummos and ask for cucumber slices to dip instead of pita. I just scoop it onto my plate and eat with a fork or spoon. Lots of marinated and grllled meats and fish, proper tabouli will have very little bulgar wheat, be mostly parsley leaves, the cheeses, fish dishes, grilled veggies and salads with feta make it a great choice.

    I do very well eating pretty much every cuisine and just minimizing the starch and sugars. It means ordering an assortment of meat and veggie dishes at indian or Chinese places, skipping the rice and bread. Very satisfying, many more flavors that way. The other night we ordered Hakka; chili lamb, malai kebab, baigan bharta and bindi masala, Dry cauliflower Manchurian. No bread, no rice.