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Apr 12, 2014 04:37 AM

Duck Eggs Toronto?

I just noticed in the Asian supermarkets I frequent, that none of them seem to carry duck eggs anymore? They come by the dozen in plastic cartons. Does anyone know what happened to the supply?

I'm referring to fresh duck eggs, and not the preserved salted variety. Thanks!

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  1. How do you prepare duck eggs? Just picked up some from a farmer's market.

    I have never had fresh duck eggs, only the salted preserved kind.

    1. Local duck eggs are only just coming back into season so it may have been a seasonal thing. More likely it's a supply disruption from wherever they get them from in China, wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole. Stick to ones you can get now at farmer's markets.

      You can use duck or turkey eggs like you would hen eggs, my favorite thing to do is slow poach them in the shell (62C for 45 minutes or so) then serve them on top of spring greens and polenta or shrimp and grits or asparagus with miso butter.

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        You can get these really fresh blue dudes at the egg guy's stand on Saturdays at the North farmer's market at S.L.M. If your into making pastry, these eggs are way better than chicken eggs as they are fatter and with more albumen. They make much better custard as well. As a hunter, I have quarts of bear fat in the freezer from last fall's kill and along with the duck eggs, make for the lightest pastry this side of Paris.

      2. I am surprised you are no longer able to find them Asian market. I have often seen them at Lucky Moose on Dundas, but haven't paid attention lately.
        You can also get them from Fiesta Farms, Healthy Butcher, and that egg place on Augusta at Kensington.
        I love duck eggs. I think in general they just taste better/meatier/eggier then the chicken variety.
        I love them just simply poached on a salad. I have had scotch duck-eggs, a restaurant in Toronto I can't recall right now, and they tasted tremendously better as well.

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        1. re: happycamper

          I was able to find them at Lucky Moose on Dundas, thanks! They went up from $4.99/dozen to $5.99/dozen.

          But it's funny, all the other Asian supermarkets I've been to that used to carry them, no longer do so. I even double checked all the grocery stores in the area (Spadina) and none of them other than Lucky Moose had them.

          1. re: asagiri

            Glad you were able to find them! I wonder, too, what's causing the rise of price and scarcity of them in asian market. Supply and demand I guess.

            What are you going to use them for?

            1. re: happycamper

              I checked the carton, their free range and their sourced here in Ontario. So I'm guessing it has to due with our obscenely long winter we've been having affecting supply.

              I'm using them for baking. Making brioche style breads for Easter. I find these duck eggs far superior to chicken eggs, even the free range or organic variety.

        2. Whole Foods Market now carries half dozen cartons. I've seen them for quite some time so looks like they found a steady supply.

          1. Healthy Butcher has them!