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Apr 12, 2014 03:39 AM

Can duck fat be used after making confit, or is it spent?

After rendering the fat, then cooking the legs in the fat and storing in the fridge... When I'm finished with the legs, can I strain and keep the fat in my fridge for later use?

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  1. Yes, absolutely! Keep it and use it. I once got in a lot of trouble for throwing out the fat after making confit in chef school!!!

    1. Having the fat left after the confit is eaten is an added bonus!
      I use duck fat for frying/sautéing everything.
      That and OO and ghee when appropriate for the dish.
      Buy a pound of raw cashews. Into a pan on very low heat. Add 2 T of duck fat and on 1 T of Kosher salt when the fat has coated the nuts. Very slowly roast the nuts to a golden brown. They need to be shaken often so as not to brown them too much on one side. Let cool. Keep them in the fridge but eat them sooner than later.
      Snack nirvana.
      Use them as a garnish on a stir fry.
      Stir fry using duck fat.

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        I need duck fat and cashews right this instant. That sounds amazing!

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          If you really want to 'get crazy' sprinkle a few drops of fresh squeezed lime juice and the faintest suggestion of a sprinkle of cane sugar over a bowl full just before serving.
          You've got the umami from the nuts. Fat from the duck. Salt. Lime for sour. Sweet from the cane sugar.
          What else is there to say?

        2. Great way to turbocharge hash browns and roasted brussels sprouts!

          1. Yes!

            It's a great moisturizer.