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Apr 12, 2014 02:33 AM

Restaurant Wars - the Battle for Manchester

Series starts on BBC2 on Monday and will follow Aiden Byrne and Simon Rogan setting up their new restaurants in the city.

I've set up a thread on the Food Media & News board where, I presume, the mods will prefer us to have discussion about the programme.

And, I also presume, they'll be happy for us to discuss the actual restaurants - the Midland French and Manchester House - here.

FWIW, I've eaten at both:

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  1. We are inundated with foodie programmes right now. Now you tell me there's another on the way?!? I'm sure we'll watch it, and I know where to find the discussions so thanks for that.

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    1. re: zuriga1

      Both of my passions (food and the Great War) are being very well served by TV at the minute. Almost too well served - there seems little time to watch anything else.

      That said, if you record the programmes you can whizz through the "packing" in both Masterchef and Great British Menu ( the latter being a 30 minute a week programme, stretched to 2 hours). I'll watch all of next week's GBM, as it's the north west heat, but then I'll get back to just watching the judging programme.

      1. re: Harters

        That's exactly what we do, too, John. We only watch the judging from Great British Menu. Once in awhile, if time allows, I'll watch an episode via my iPad. My husband loves to do that whizzing through Masterchef. There's so much, 'filler!'