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Apr 12, 2014 02:09 AM

Help identifying bakery...

Does anyone know of a bakery in the bay area that sells strawberry cake (the kind that is pink with bits of strawberries in the actual cake)? Most bakeries I've found that sell strawberry-flavored cake has a fluffy/light texture, but I'm looking for a cake that's dense/moist. I had this cake at a wedding in Aptos 8 years ago and unfortunately have been unable to find it after all these years (it's the best cake I've had in my life!).
The cake had a very distinguishable moist/dense texture with crumbs that were "coarse" but not dry. There was one other cake flavor; it was a carrot cake (same texture). The closest cake texture I can compare it to is the banana cake at Icing on the Cake, but it's not them since they don't make fondant cake (which was what the wedding cake was covered with), and they don't make strawberry cake. Someone suggested The Buttery in Santa Cruz (b/c of the carrot cake), but I don't see strawberry cake on their menu online either. Please help. Thanks!

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  1. The strawberry cakes are on the seasonal page on The Buttery's website,

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      I did see that...but unfortunately, it's strawberry filled (not strawberry cake). Thanks for responding/helping though :).

    2. why don't you ask the people who got married?

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        That would be the easy solution :). Yeah, unfortunately, it wasn't someone I knew well (attended as a date) and am no longer in touch with anyone that knows them...

      2. Bakeries near Aptos / Santa Cruz would be discussed on the California board.

        1. I know you're looking for a local source, not a recipe, but I recently made a strawberry cake that sounds very similar to the one you've described. I got it from the Primrose Bakery cookbook (available as an iOS app); if you're interested, I can paraphrase it on the Home Cooking board.