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Apr 11, 2014 09:06 PM

Try the new place/dish, or stick with old faithful?

I assume most of us here actually go out enough to do some of both. But how do you break it up? How often do you try somewhere new vs going back to a place you know you love? And the same goes for dishes at your favorite spots. How often do you try the specials, or something on the menu you haven't had, vs eating your favorite dish?

I enjoy going to great new places, but find that my favorites are still my favorites...

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  1. I also enjoy trying new places and discovering new and exciting food. Two examples that I have now added to my "must do" list along with my staples are, Le Cherie and Vernick.
    But I will always be a devotee of Estia, Bistrot la Minette, Sola and Birchrunville Cafe. They have a proven track record for me.
    I tend to be a boring and finicky eater, so I pretty much stick to the same old, same old. I am far from an adventurous eater and am constantly being berated in a nice way by my more sophisticated palate foodie friends.

    1. I try new places maybe once every 4-6 weeks, and go to our favorites in between. I would go to more new places, but my husband is less adventurous and often is craving a certain dish from a place we both love. The one place I tend to do the same is Vietnam Restaurant. As much as I'd love to try new dishes there, I always get the same thing - because I love it so much! Tonight we're going to a favorite - Melograno. I usually get the Tartufate Pappardelle. But I think with the warm weather today, I'll go for a fish dish. I think I ate enough pasta this winter to choke a horse.

      1. I struggle with this because we don't go out that often and there is always someplace new I want to try. In general, when I am going out with just my husband, I tend to go someplace new, and when I am going with friends, we go to old favorites.

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          this is pretty much me, Hungry in the Burbs, except he's the one that never wants to try the new places, so I have to do that with friends, or my daughter for a girls night out and if it passes muster, I can drag him out to give it a try.

        2. When I go to Pumperniks in Montgomeryville I almost always get a roast beef special, chicken soup and a chocolate egg creme. How do you improve on perfection? I did really enjoy the passover dinner that I got last year. It was a once a year event and did tempt me.
          It is hard for me not to get pad thai at thai orchid in bluebell, so addicting. But thanks to Chef Paulo I tried something new, poutine at Guppys. Now I want more. The new has become a favorite. I love when that happens.
          My Uncle Joe was 86 and always tried something new, but not necessarily the main dish. He had a thai iced tea and really liked it at Saigon on Main, now Asian Legend. It was the last meal I ever ate with him and he is my role model.

          1. We mix it up. I'd say 3 staples to every new restaurant.