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Apr 11, 2014 04:14 PM

Aloft Philly Airport

Staying at Aloft Philadelphia Airpport. What may be an area or neighborhood for fun and good tasting food that isn't so far away. Anything closer than a $25-30 cab, like Ginos. Ate there at lunch.

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  1. You are unfortunately in a wasteland, which is either going to cost you a lot to travle.

    You have two casinos each about ten minutes away.. sugarhouse casnio and harrahs casino.

    You can also go to the airport and take the Regional rail from the airport to center city. That will cost less than a cab. You could get off at 30th street station and be in university city... Fat Ham is a great restaurant not far from there.

    Suburban Statoin would bring you to downtown philadelphia .. tons of restaurants there.

    1. Take the shuttle to the airport then take the train downtown, 25 minute trip, $8 each way. If it's daytime, get off at Market East and browse and eat at Reading Terminal Market, then wander around downtown, where to go depends on what you like to do.

      1. East Passyunk Ave is about a 15 minute drive away and about 8 miles. Lots of great places there - just search for Passyunk Ave on this board. Also near there (E P-yunk) is South Philly Tap Room but I am not sure it would show up on an E. Passyunk search.

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          It's only a little closer than Geno's though, so cab fare will be about the same.

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            1/2 mile difference... 2 bucks on a cab fare. Still think the OP would do best taking SEPTA.

        2. Report: Our location was a challenge, but we had fun. I loved the Philly cheese sandwich at Genos. My partners thought it wasn't anything special, but I'd heard so much about it and just had to try it. We had a nice walk from there to the Constitutional Hall area. One of us hadn't eaten so we stopped at the Red Owl (nice atmosphere) where he had a good cobb salad. We shared some tasty herb french fries. For white wine, I was given a choice of a more oak or honey flavor. I choose the latter and loved it. I'm going to see if it's possible to order. Later, being taxied out, we just decided to walk to a nearby Hotel, Sheraton I think. I loved the lobby (nice atmosphere)with a family eating area and another in the bar area where we ate. Food was satisfactory; service, good. I had a crab cake. Lots of crab, but flavor so-so, definitely not lump crab. Later we had fun in the Aloft lounge having cocktails with other fans. Thursday and Saturday evenings we ate at our suite at the Wells Fargo Center at the Frozen Four. Food was average, but the experience was wonderful. I really appreciated your suggestions on using the train and stopping off at various stations. Thanks to Bigley9 for the South Philly Tap Room suggestion, but I didnt see that in time. Next time, although we would probably pick a hotel at a different location. I enjoyed Philly and hope to come back. If any of you come to North Dakota, I'll be glad to help.

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            Cool synopsis. I just left the Sheraton Airport hotel and thought that they had a surprisingly good breakfast! The strawberry-banana smoothie was interesting with a touch of mint, in particular. The open space lobby is great, especially for catching games.

            If you like Starwood, check out the Sheraton in Society Hill next time, you'll be in the cobblestone area of Philly right across from our best restaurant, IMO, Zahav! Another Starwood property I like in the city is the Westin, which is in the business/swanky Rittenhouse area. Marble bathrooms and old-world charm. I stay at Le Meridien the most because I like the young, chic vibe but the location is not the best unless you like being next to a check-cashing store and a Gold's Gym.