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Apr 11, 2014 03:39 PM

London - Good Chinese restaurants

Anyone know about any really good Chinese restaurants in London?
I know there used to be a few.
Are there any left?

Thanks for any information.

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  1. 3 good ones I'd tried in the past year:
    - Pearl Liang, Paddington
    - Royal China Club on Baker St
    - Min Jiang at Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington High St

    1. There are probably more now than what you remember. I'll second klyeoh's suggestions... all very good. I also like Haozhan in Chinatown.

      1. No 10 in Earls Court, Taiwan Village in West Ken, Mao Tai Kitchen and Baiwei in Chinatown in the mid budget range.

        1. Thank you for the info.

          1. HKK, Hutong, and A Wong are three other new, upmarket places. Sichuan Folk also has a good rep. Chinese food has got a lot more regional and some of its gone very upmarket. A distinct improvement on the old Chinatown stalwarts.