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Apr 11, 2014 03:22 PM

Lunch before Galleria Borghese

On a Tuesday later this month, we're meeting our Context Travel docent at 2:30 pm for a Galleria Borghese tour and want to go to Santa Maria del Popolo before it closes at 12 noon. That gives us about 2 hours for lunch before meeting our docent.

For previous Galleria Borghese visits where we made no lunch plans, we tried the cafeteria in the basement (sad sandwiches) and somewhere in the park that was full of women with strollers and screaming, running children (no where to sit). I'm hoping for some quieter, where we can sit and enjoy lunch, preferably with a glass of wine. I can't seem to find information about places in the park, and am not sure what is nearby the Galleria (poor recollection of the area).

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  1. I'm not sure about the places in the park, but I'd recommend Localino da Claudio. It's on Via Lazio, so about a 10 minute walk to the museum afterwards.

    They also have tables outside so if weather permits, you can have your long leisurely lunch.

    1. Colline Emiliane is not too far (walk, taxi or take the 116). If all else fails, there is always Harry's just outside the gate.