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Apr 11, 2014 02:41 PM

Dual-Use Kitchen Stuff

Turn a margarine container into a toilet paper dispenser for camping, hunting, etc. Sure does keep it dry for those wet-air summer mornings here in Iowa. We have multiples and just store all our camping rolls in them.

I use a little Lodge 5" square Wonder Skillet as a spoon rest.

Take a glass jar, remove the labels, wire brush the paint off the lid, install a knob on the lid, and fill with anything for a decorative knickknack.

Use a cast iron skillet as a burger/bacon press.

I know I have other dual-use ideas but my mind is kind of blank right now.

Anybody else have any dual-use ideas?

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  1. SIL used to do Pampered Chef demos and ended up with a LOT of free stuff. She gave me the chopper thingie, but I was always just grabbing a knife.

    She gave me one of those apple peeler/corer gizmos.I works fine for intended purpose. Also works on cukes... the waxy ones that have a lot of seeds... they become the "core"

    Was getting ready to squeeze SEVERAL lemons for real lemonade and thought... wish I had a use for lemon zest in near future?? I stuck whole lemons on device, swung slicer part out of the way, and ended up with a BIG pile of zest strings. I let them air dry till pretty crispy and zizzed up in coffee mill (used for herbs/spices) and made a nice batch of lemon pepper that was not mostly salt like stuff you by in stores.

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      That's a great idea for peeling the lemons. I just freeze mine cut in half once they have been juiced.

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      1. Those elastic meshy things surrounding Asian Pears and other exotic fruits have a second career holding partially-used skeins/balls of yarn on which the paper labels are now too loose to stay in position.

        The center insert of a two-piece angel food pan, or an entire one-piece angel food pan, both work as vertical chicken roasters.

        A large bullnose binder clip from the office supply store holds parchment in place when forming cookies on a baking sheet. Put one on your tube of tomato or anchovy or toothpaste as the contents are used and the tube rolled up. Put one over the rim of a pot to hold the wooden spoon, and/or to keep the lid slightly ajar. Use another one to hold your recipe card onto your range hood.

        When you are browning meat or vegetables in batches that will be combined in a Dutch oven for braising, invert the lid onto a bowl so it won't topple over, and use the lid to hold the browned pieces rather than dirtying a platter.

        1. Hi, Muddirt:

          A favorite of mine is to slide wine corks under the loop handles on covers so you can dispense with potholders or a side towel.

          You can serve from pan covers, use the *bottom* of a pan to rotate the contents of another en mass, use a towel to elevate canning jars, flip eggs with a credit card, uncork wine with your shoe, tie bouquet garni in nylon hose, the list is really endless.

          Great topic, though. Interested to see what others contribute.


          1. If I'm only juicing a half of a piece of citrus I'll often just wedge it as far toward the hinge end of my tongs as it'll fit and use the leverage from the tongs to squeeze.

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              I have been known to reach things out of the cupboards with my tongs.

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                Yes! I got my wife a much longer set of tongs for her Christmas stocking last December. We have very high cabinets in the room next to the kitchen where we store stuff like extra food storage bags and such. The tongs are the perfect tool for getting those.

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                  What a good guy. We shorties appreciate those gestures.

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                    I have one of those spaghetti grabbers that kinda looks like fingers; I use it as an arm extender to get stuff off the top shelves (and I'm even tall)!